John Doulgeridis is the founder of Carlisle Homes

Carlisle Homes is a multiple award-winning residential Australian building company. After studying Planning and Design at the University of Melbourne, John entered the residential building industry in the early 90s. John then started Carlisle Homes in 2004 and watched it grow into a leading organisation in Victoria’s real estate world.

Throughout the years, the mission of John Doulgeridis and Carlisle Homes has been simple:

To build homes of exceptional quality and exceed their customers’ expectations

About John Doulgeridis

John Doulgeridis is the Managing Director and Founder of Carlisle Homes, which is one of the most decorated and successful building companies in Victoria. After leaving secondary school, John decided to study Planning and Design at the University of Melbourne. He first enrolled at this university in 1991, and he spent the next three years working towards his degree. In 1993, he graduated with a Bachelor of Planning and Design and entered Australia’s building world for the first time.

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Carlisle Homes

Carlisle Homes is one of the leading building companies in the Victoria area with years of experience. Originally founded in 2004 by John Doulgeridis, this organisation has been continually exceeding expectations while growing at a strong, sustainable pace. Instead of focusing on building as many homes as possible and generating the most profit in a short span of time, Carlisle instead prioritises the overall quality of each home. This detail-oriented, customer-first approach has been the company’s core ethos since its founding.

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Leadership Team

Carlisle Homes has a strong, committed leadership team that continues to drive the company towards new goals and achievements. These hard-working individuals are one of the main reasons why Carlisle Homes has enjoyed such widespread appreciation from residents of Victoria throughout the years.

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Carlisle Homes is always searching for new talent. The success of this company is due to its passionate team members who diligently work each day to satisfy our customers, build incredible homes, and strive towards even higher levels of achievement. Working for Carlisle Homes is a challenging but highly rewarding opportunity with plenty of unique benefits.

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"With a proud history of supporting local community groups and organisations, Carlisle Homes has donated over $720,000 in community grants since 2014."

John Doulgeridis

Founder and Managing Director

"At Carlisle, we strive to provide family homes that look beautiful and are wonderful to live in. I get a real kick when a design comes together and I hear client feedback complimenting the high quality of our home designs."

Shane Rogers

Lead Designer

Work With John

Working with John is an experience unlike any other. His philosophy revolves around creating a pleasant, productive, and motivating work environment. He has carefully created an engaged, pleasant team with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. This means that when you walk through those doors every morning, you’ll be greeted by people you know and respect.

John’s team describes this work experience as “passionate, dynamic, fun, young, driven, and supportive.” That should tell you everything you need to know about his leadership philosophy. Above all else, John encourages his team to focus on customer satisfaction and exceeding the expectations of his clients. His leadership style is a reflection of the company’s underlying ethos. Instead of trying to become the biggest builder, his team is focusing on being the best at what they do with a transparent, passionate building process.

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