Carlisle Homes

Carlisle Homes is one of the leading building companies in the Victoria area with decades of experience. Originally founded in 2004 by John Doulgeridis, this organisation has been continually exceeding expectations while growing at a strong, sustainable pace. Instead of focusing on building as many homes as possible and generating the most profit in a short span of time, Carlisle instead prioritises the overall quality of each home. This detail-oriented, customer-first approach has been the company’s core ethos since its founding.

The company has been in operation for well over 17 years, and it has built over 12,000 homes across Melbourne and Geelong. During this time, Carlisle Homes has built a reputation for industry-leading built times, guaranteed site start months, a 25-year structural guarantee, and outstanding finished products. As previously mentioned, the sheer number of homes built by this organisation was always a secondary focus, with the company prioritising quality over quantity. The number of awards that Carlisle Homes has won over the years is a testament to this fact. In 2015, 2017, and 2020, the company was recognised as Victoria’s Professional Major Builder at the HIA-CSR Victorian Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards, and in 2021, was awarded as Australia’s Most Professional Major Builder; the highest accolade the company could receive. These awards represent some of the highest honours that a Victorian building company can hope to achieve. More often than not, Carlisle Homes has been singled out specifically for its excellent customer service, and this has certainly helped the organisation in its quest for awards and accolades.

Another important achievement came when Carlisle Homes won the Number One Home Builder Award for two consecutive years. Presented by Product Review, this award is based solely on consumer reviews across the state of Victoria. Highlighting client appreciation for Carlisle Homes, the organisation has also won four consecutive Number One Builder Awards in the category of Customer Service from 2013 to 2016.

Carlisle’s customer-first approach has resulted in a number of innovative solutions to the real concerns and priorities of people living in Victoria today. The organisation offers clients an extensive range of house & land packages located in some of the most in-demand areas throughout Melbourne and Geelong. These areas represent some of the most exciting housing markets in the nation, and Carlisle Homes is happy to help Australians achieve the dream home they’ve been searching for.

Clients can visit the Spectra Selection Centre to experience an interactive display of what their finished home will look like. This showroom provides inspiration and motivation for customers who want to make their dreams a reality. When building homes, customers can choose from a wide range of product and decor options to truly customise their new residence. With these new products and services, Carlisle Homes is breathing new life into the home-building market of Victoria.

In addition to helping its clients find and create their ideal new homes, Carlisle Homes is also helping the people of Victoria in a number of different ways. With its Community Sport Sponsorship Program, the company provides youth and junior sports teams with funding for things like uniforms and equipment.

In addition, Carlisle Homes is a proud participant of the HIA Builder Program, an Australian initiative that encourages subcontractors to take on apprentices. These apprentices are vital to the success of Australia’s building industry, and Carlisle Homes is proud to ensure that the next generation of tradespeople has the skills and experience to continue creating amazing homes for residents of Victoria.

Carlisle Homes works hand in hand with some of Victoria’s most prominent companies and organsations. The organisation has close ties to a number of suppliers in the area, and its annual Supplier of the Year Awards honours its most valued suppliers. Without these valuable relationships, Carlisle Homes could not hope to achieve the high levels of success to which it has grown accustomed. Almost 30 of these key suppliers have been part of the Carlisle family for over 15 years – a testament to the stability and strength of these vital relationships.

In the end, the goal of Carlisle Homes is quite simple. This organisation strives to make dream homes a reality for every resident of Victoria who wants a place to create a lifetime of incredible memories.