Carlisle Homes is always searching for new talent.

The success of this company is due to its passionate team members who diligently work each day to satisfy our customers, build incredible homes, and strive towards even higher levels of achievement. Working for Carlisle Homes is a challenging but highly rewarding opportunity with plenty of unique benefits.

This diverse, creative, and supportive team welcomes new ideas and new people. With the right mindset, you can pursue a meaningful career at Carlisle Homes and advance towards new heights and new challenges.

We are more than willing to work with talented individuals who are new to the building industry, helping them grow and develop new skills. We believe that the next generation of Australians must step forward to keep the success of Carlisle Homes alive, and we jump at the opportunity to train our driven and ambitious young workers.

"With a proud history of supporting local community groups and organisations, Carlisle Homes has donated over $720,000 in community grants since 2014."

John Doulgeridis

Founder and Managing Director

"At Carlisle, we strive to provide family homes that look beautiful and are wonderful to live in. I get a real kick when a design comes together and I hear client feedback complimenting the high quality of our home designs."

Shane Rogers

Lead Designer

Career Development Program

Our Career Development Program gives every team member the ability to continuously hone their skills and reach for that next level of performance. Every single month, Carlisle Homes gives our team members the opportunity to learn new skills and keep existing knowledge fresh and relevant. Whether you’re planning on becoming an industry leader, a skilled specialist, or something else entirely, we’ll do our best to help you get there.


An opportunity for further education isn’t the only benefit you’ll enjoy as an employee of Carlisle Homes. Our team members have the opportunity to build their own dream home through our organisation with a generous discount, helping you experience the joy of homeownership that we have delivered to so many of our valued clients.

It’s not all about hard work at Carlisle Homes. We recognise the importance of letting loose and enjoying the social aspect of work, and that’s why we work hard to maintain a positive and engaging company culture. Special functions throughout the year and company lunches each month are just a few examples of how we like to keep our team happy and motivated.

Wellbeing Program

In addition, Carlisle Homes understands that a healthy team is more productive and more inspired. We’re proud of our Wellbeing Program, which incentivises a healthy, happy lifestyle for all of our employees. Those that prioritise their wellbeing are rewarded with a number of fun and interesting benefits.

In addition, we take time to provide our team with a healthy overall work environment, complete with fresh fruit, a state-of-the-art green office, nutrition seminars, boot camps, and even office massages.


At Carlisle Homes, it’s all about pursuing the ideal work-life balance. Along with our Wellbeing Program and other initiatives, we also aim to strike this balance by providing our employees with a fair amount of leave and rostered days off. Our Family friendly(Parental Leave) program ensures that our valued employees don’t have to choose between starting a family and pursuing their professional careers – we make sure that you can have both.

Graduate and Apprentice

We reward hard-working Australians who have invested heavily in their education. Our Graduate Program allows students to leap straight into their careers after studying at one of Australia’s universities. This 18-month program provides graduates with all kinds of vital work experience as they encounter various aspects of the building industry. Graduates also benefit from the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and establish valuable connections within the business. As long as you have a minimum qualification of Certificate IV in building and construction or building design, you can experience this incredible program for yourself.

Carlisle Homes is also a proud supporter of HIA’s Builder Program. This is an apprentice program that helps the next generation of builders in Australia find opportunities for work and professional growth in the industry. John Doulgeridis is fully aware that Australia is facing a growing shortage of skilled tradespeople, and this issue has the potential to impact the entire building industry if it is not addressed. John has spoken about the importance of these apprentice programs on numerous occasions, and Carlisle Homes is one of the most active organisations in the nation when it comes to providing apprentices with a pathway towards success via our subcontractors.

Since Carlisle Homes was initially founded in 2004, it has hosted more than 120 apprentices. Many of these apprentices have gone on to find permanent jobs with Carlisle Homes. In the end, this program is a win-win for everyone involved, including the apprentices themselves, the subcontractors, and Carlisle Homes.

Key Quotes

"With a proud history of supporting local community groups and organisations, Carlisle Homes has donated over $720,000 in community grants since 2014."

John Doulgeridis
Founder and Managing Director

"I've been in the industry for 27-odd years now and when I started back in 1993...there was always a conversation around putting more apprentices on, working young kids through the industry, and an ageing workforce - and those issues are still in existence today."

John Doulgeridis
Founder and Managing Director

"Here at Carlisle, we do things a little differently than other builders. It has never been our goal to be the biggest, but we are committed to being the best. I'm proud to be heading up a team of people who share my passion for delivering exceptional results for our customers every day."

John Doulgeridis
Founder and Managing Director