Leadership Team

John Doulgeridis

John Doulgeridis is the Managing Director and Founder of Carlisle Homes, having started the company in 2004. John holds a strong leadership position in the company, and his initial vision helped Carlisle Homes grow sustainably into one of the most widely-respected and successful building companies in the Victoria area today.

As Managing Director, John has a number of important duties. He is responsible for setting long-term goals and helping the company reach these milestones with effective strategies and business plans. Doulgeridis is also highly involved with the personal side of the business, helping to forge and maintain strong relationships with partners, shareholders, and other influential members of Victoria’s building industry.

Doulgeridis has also played an important role in helping to build the overall leadership team of Carlisle Homes. Over the years, he has selected some of the most talented experts in the industry to help grow this company. John also ensures that all of the various team members enjoy a positive work environment and a vibrant company culture with plenty of opportunities and incentives.