About John Doulgeridis

John Doulgeridis is the Managing Director and Founder of Carlisle Homes, which is one of the most decorated and successful building companies in Victoria. After leaving secondary school, John decided to study Planning and Design at the University of Melbourne. He first enrolled at this university in 1991, and he spent the next three years working towards his degree. In 1993, he graduated with a Bachelor of Planning and Design and entered Australia’s building world for the first time.

Initially, John gained experience in the building industry and learned more about the values and priorities of clients in the Victoria area. In 2004, he was ready to start his own company. Carlisle Homes was officially founded by John Doulgeridis that year, and he quickly began to build this company into one of the most respected organisations in Victoria’s real estate industry.

The spark that fuelled this sustainable growth was John’s personal philosophy towards the building industry. From the very beginning, he made it clear that he didn’t want to become the biggest organisation of its kind in the Victoria area. Instead, his dream was to make Carlisle Homes the best organisation of its kind. This tried-and-true approach of “quality over quantity” helped the organisation stand out from the crowd, and it succeeded in attracting a number of clients over the years.

In addition, John focused on building a strong team of dedicated professionals who would assist him every step of the way. Today, Carlisle Homes continues to place enormous emphasis on its people and its hiring process. From the beginning, John was sure to only hire individuals who were willing to go the extra mile for Carlisle’s clients, ensuring that expectations were always exceeded. To this day, he continues to play a strong leadership role in this team of carefully selected individuals.

John has accumulated a number of important skills over the course of his career. While building Carlisle Homes into a major organisation, honed his knowledge of business development significantly. He also developed a strong understanding of both sales management and construction management. John has combined the “hands-on” aspects of the building world with the more theoretical sales and marketing side of things for a truly well-rounded approach.

Additional skills include strategic planning, resource management, architectural design, corporate social responsibility, talent acquisition, interior design, corporate branding, strategic communications, construction safety, and much more. Developing Carlisle Homes into such an influential organisation has been a tremendous learning experience for John, and he has grown alongside his company.

Outside of the business world, John is passionate about sports. A proud supporter of the Collingwood Football Club, he understands full well the positive impact athletics can have on a community. This is why he and Carlisle Homes created the Community Sport Sponsorship Program. Recognising the need for junior and youth sporting clubs to receive adequate funding, John and Carlisle Homes stepped in to provide assistance for things like uniforms and equipment, focusing specifically on the communities in which they build homes. Youth sports teams can qualify for even more financial assistance if they refer new clients to Carlisle Homes. This is John’s way of giving back to the community.

In addition, John has been quite committed to helping new apprentices work their way through the building industry, towards greater success. Recognising the need for new talent in an aging industry, John has been heavily involved in Australia’s HIA Builder Program. This successful initiative has helped to mitigate the shortages that the nation faces in regard to trade occupations. Thanks to the initiatives of John Doulgeridis and Carlisle Homes, young apprentices are being given the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and pursue a valuable, in-demand trade.

Today, John continues to emphasise high standards and exceptional quality when building homes across the Victoria area.