Work With John

Working with John is an experience unlike any other. His philosophy revolves around creating a pleasant, productive, and motivating work environment. John has carefully created an engaged, pleasant team with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. This means that when you walk through those doors every morning, you’ll be greeted by people you know and respect.

John’s team describes this work experience as “passionate, dynamic, fun, young, driven, and supportive.” That should tell you everything you need to know about his leadership philosophy. Above all else, John encourages his team to focus on customer satisfaction and exceeding the expectations of his clients. His leadership style is a reflection of the company’s underlying ethos. Instead of trying to become the biggest builder, his team is focusing on being the best at what they do with a transparent, passionate building process.

John recognises that Carlisle Homes has a special role in people’s lives. He and his team get to build people’ dream homes, and that in itself is the definition of a “dream job” for everyone at the company. Every team member knows that they are playing an important role in helping families plan and build homes where they’ll create a lifetime of memories. This simple fact is enough to inspire most of John’s team to reach for their full potential.

At the end of the day, John is incredibly proud of everything that he and his team have achieved at Carlisle Homes. This company serves as a reminder that anything is possible in Victoria’s building industry, and there is always the potential to strive towards higher goals.